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Frequently Asked Questions about ZAGENO

What is ZAGENO?

ZAGENO is the world's #1 life science marketplace, eliminating bottlenecks between suppliers and research scientists, lab managers, and procurement leaders.

For research scientists, ZAGENO’s intuitive, data-centric web interface which assists in locating and purchasing the right laboratory kits, reagents, and consumables. For suppliers, ZAGENO provides a new sales channel. This combination gives access to a comprehensive industry portfolio, allowing unbiased side-by-side product comparisons and a streamlined checkout process, ideal at managing the scale needed by enterprise-level life science customers.

The growing ZAGENO team in Cambridge, USA, and Berlin, Germany, is a combination of leading experts in life sciences, e-commerce, systems integration, as well as customer support.

ZAGENO’s marketplace currently offers more than eight million products used by big pharma, academic research institutes, CROs, government research facilities, as well as biotech companies of all sizes.


Zageno Overview

Why use ZAGENO?

1. 8 Million comparable products with 100 Million product specifications

We think that scientists, often working on pushing the boundaries of scientific research, should be free to work without limits.

Online stores within the life science supplier base provide a variety of user experiences. While some are difficult to navigate, others are overloaded with information and advertisements. A vast majority, however, are simply too limited in terms of usability and functionality. A limited portfolio of products are hard to find, and almost impossible to compare with alternatives from other suppliers, and ordering still requires calling customer service or chasing sales representatives.

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ZAGENO addresses these challenges through a multi-supplier store, which enables research scientists, lab managers, and procurement leaders to manage their lab purchases and compare all products from all suppliers transparently and impartially. ZAGENO also offers the ability to order products from multiple suppliers simultaneously and track the shipping and delivery status of all active orders through a simplified interface.

We also offer customized solutions such as punch-out integrations with ERPs such as Oracle Netsuite, Jaggaer and SAP Ariba.


2. Enterprise-specific pricing 

    We realize that lab or procurement departments often have existing quotations or institutional discounts. Don’t worry, ZAGENO guarantees to match all these prices.

    3. World class customer service

    Our customer service agents are available from 6 am till 6 pm (US, UK, and Germany) to offer friendly and comprehensive support regarding:

    • product search, alternative products, and adding new products
    • ordering and order tracking
    • payment and payment methods
    • any other related matters

    Need product- or application-specific information? Just ask to speak to our biotech experts for industry-leading support.


    4. Integrates perfectly into existing ERP systems

    ZAGENO can be integrated into any purchasing or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, with various solutions available (e.g. punch-out.) Check out our Enterprise Solutions for further details.

    ERP integrations

    Ideal for organizations that want to get started quickly, and then grow the system as their business grows. 

    Perfect for pre-revenue, clinical trial or recently FDA approved companies that need to transition from their entry level accounting system and spreadsheets to a full platform solution.

    Need more information? Chat with us via live chat in the bottom-right corner and we will put you in touch with our integrations team. Alternatively, email us at contact@zageno.com.

    Who can use ZAGENO? 

    Currently, we provide our platform and service to labs all across the US, UK, and Germany, including large pharmaceutical companies, small to large biotech companies, as well as universities and research institutions. Currently, we are looking to expand our reach to other regions. 

    Want to make ZAGENO part of your company or university purchasing process? Get in touch with us at marketplace@zageno.com.

    Is there a fee to use ZAGENO?

    The basic ZAGENO platform and service is 100% free. We do, however, have premium packages available which facilitate deeper integration with your ERP system.