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Frequently Asked Questions about Making an Order on ZAGENO.

How can I place an order? 

After you have finished adding products to your cart, click “Go to Checkout” or “Checkout.” Enter your shipping and billing details, select a desired method of payment, and click on “Buy Now” to place your order. Voila! 


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When you provide your shipping and billing details they will be used as your default details for future orders. You can also conveniently save additional addresses to your account if you are ordering for several labs.

For your preferred method of payment, you can use your lab’s credit card or pay for the order via wire transfer. If you want to order via wire transfer, please write an email to marketplace@zageno.com and we will process your request with our finance department. You can also insert a PO number or a cost center for each item and / or for the entire order, where after you can then review all the details of your order.

If your organization is “tax-exempt,” please send an email to marketplace@zageno.com and add your “tax exemption form." You only need to inform us about your tax exemption status once. We will connect this information to your organization and our platform will automatically remember it for future orders.

Does ZAGENO have a lowest price guarantee?

Yes, all prices on ZAGENO are the lowest possible available to you. We match all of your current academic discounts and quoted prices with suppliers. When no discount or quote is available we match the price of the supplier. This is our lowest price guarantee.

Are the listed prices the final prices? 

The prices on ZAGENO are indicative prices only. They represent either the supplier list prices, as they appear on the supplier's websites, or your personal discounted/quoted prices. The final price for each product may vary and is made up of your existing product price and any applicable taxes (e.g. sales tax or VAT), plus additional shipping and handling costs. If your institution is tax exempt, you retain your status.

How do I apply my discounted price?

This feature is only available for premium members - contact our sales team for tailor-made pricing.

Do you offer additional discounts on bulk orders?

We do not offer discounts on bulk orders other than the ones provided by suppliers.

What if my company/institution is tax exempt?

Please send an email to marketplace@zageno.com and attach your “tax exemption form”. This information will be saved for future orders. For tax refunds please submit the payment advice to your tax accountant/finance department.

How do I request a product for purchase?

If the product you want to order is not listed on ZAGENO, go to the “Request Product” function at the bottom of your Cart. Our team will upload your requested items within 1 hour - remember this can be from any supplier! 

Request Product

Can I request more than one product to be added to the website?

Yes, you can! Send us a list of your lab’s typically ordered reagents and consumables to customer.content@zageno.com. Our content team will ensure that these products are available on the platform with your pre-negotiated supplier pricing (if provided). This list can be sent to us in multiple formats (.pdf, .doc, or .xml). Depending on the size of your file, this could take up to a few days to complete, but you will be notified when all products have been uploaded to the platform for purchase. 

Can I place an order on the weekend?

You can place an order at any time or day.

Can I search for previous orders?

Yes, in your account under ‘My Orders’. Utilize the search bar at the top of the page to easily find previous orders placed on ZAGENO. You can search by Order ID, PO Number, Supplier or Product Name.

Can I cancel an order? 

Typically, orders can only be canceled shortly after they were submitted. Orders that have shipped usually cannot be canceled.

If you would like to cancel your order, please send a cancellation request as soon as possible to marketplace@zageno.com, including your full name, institution, and PO/Order ID. We will check the status of your order and inform you on cancellation availability as soon as possible.

Do you have any inventory?

No, we don’t hold inventory as we are not a distributor, but a marketplace. We facilitate your purchasing process and the supplier then ships the product directly to you. 

Can ZAGENO be added as a supplier in our purchasing system?

Yes! Please reach out to us via email or Live Chat and we will put you in touch with our Integrations team. They will be able to help you make ZAGENO more accessible for purchasing lab reagents and consumables at your institution or company. 

Do you provide a Certificate of Analysis (CFT) and/or Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) when necessary?

If you are purchasing items that need additional forms, our customer service team will reach out to you and ask for the documents or for signatures on supplier documents.