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Frequently Asked Questions about Making Payments to ZAGENO.

What methods of payment are supported? 

The first order of any customer/organization must be made using the credit card payment method (the default setting). To override this requirement, please contact your sales representative. Please note that credit card transactions may be subject to additional fees. Subsequent orders will support payment via bank transfer (our preferred payment method) upon agreement. To establish credit terms with ZAGENO please contact us at accounting@zageno.com.

If your organization does not support any of the above-mentioned payment methods please also contact accounting@zageno.com to make alternative arrangements. 

Why does ZAGENO not issue invoices for customer orders?

ZAGENO is extremely proud to be the world’s first independent marketplace for life science research products. As we are not a distributor, the purchase agreement lies solely between the customer and the supplier. ZAGENO merely facilitates the ordering process on behalf of the customer. Upon shipment, ZAGENO will provide you with a request for payment (RFP), which includes all supporting supplier invoices. As the suppliers have been paid on your behalf by ZAGENO, only the final amount noted on your payment advice is due to ZAGENO. 

How do I claim back my tax, if you do not send an invoice to us?

Please use the original supplier invoices attached to the payment advice to claim back any taxes.