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Searching for Products on the ZAGENO Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions about searching on the ZAGENO platform.

How can I search for products? 

Our search algorithm has been optimized to suit the needs of the scientific community. You can easily search by keyword, catalog ID, CAS number or product name using the search bar at the top of the page. Furthermore, our search is designed to provide unbiased results - we do not give special preference to any suppliers or products over others.


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How can I further refine my search results?

Once on the search results page, you can filter products by category, brand or supplier. Selecting a category will provide you with more filter options that are specific for the selected product group. This will allow you to further refine your results according to your needs. Furthermore, when a category is selected, you can also search within this category using the search bar.


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Use the filter panel on the left to narrow search results according to general parameters including brand and supplier as well as category-specific parameters - visible once a category is selected. The “Sort by” selector, located in the upper right corner can be used to order results according to price and scientific score.


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